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A tribe that helps me to inform others about what I'm doing in Highland bagpiping -- from when & where I'm performing next, Q&A's on (my) piping, and what I'm working toward currently (my 1st album!).

Preferably this not a tribe for stroking my ego or kissing my arse... but musicians need love & support too (so a little never hurts *wink*). I also have the occasional need for a lemon merangue pie, but that's personal.

With my current efforts toward recording my first album and continued promotions for more gigs, I'm trying to build interest in the public -- a fan base, if you will.

And if that doesn't work, I'll try making a cult-like following. (JK)
Presently taking applications for groupies. (JK)
(Stalkers -- go home -- bugger off! - no-JK'ing)

I'd make a Key-Word list, but what more do folks need than Scottish, Scotland, Highland, Celtic, Gaelic, Ireland, Sexy Bagpiper Guys Named Don, Bagpipe, Music, I like pie, Please buy my album, and Pixi Sticks ?

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